Acrylic Fidget Spinner

  • $13.00

Fidget spinner custom cut from acrylic. much stronger than the 3d printed versions you usually see and it also can include custom engraving in the blank areas of it.

This fidget spinner is a two piece design allowing for you to swap and change bearings if you need to easily, you can also swap colors to mix and match to your preference and create your own custom fidget spinner.

Stainless Steel buttons available in our shop!

These fidget toys are fantastic for people that like to fidget or have concentration issues or suffer from ADD/ADHD.

Classroom friendly spinner! this design is nearly silent and wont cause a distraction in classroom environments.

Note- Spinner Bearings do include small parts and it is not suggested to give this toy to people under the age of 7 due to choking hazards.

Spinner Bearing options are as follows-
All Black Abec 5 Bearings-Included in price
Full Ceramic center with black outer bearings- 10$ extra
Bones Red Center Bearing (best spin) w/ Black outer Bearings- 1.50$ extra
Bones Red Center w/ generic red outer bearings- $1.50 extra
All Bones red Bearings- 5$ extra
Purple/Gold Dark Wolf Bearings- 4$ extra (out of stock)
Yellow Abec 7 bearings- 3$ extra
Supafly Black (note this is generic black outside and 1 supafly black center) 6.50 extra
Supafly Gold (note this is generic black outside and 1 supafly gold center) 5.50 extra (Out of stock)
Supafly Yellow (note this is generic black outside and 1 supafly yellow center) 5 extra
Bearing finger caps also available for 2$ for a pair and only available in clear/white

The full ceramic is the best bearing available with well over 1:30 second spin time right out of the box, longer after break in.
Supafly Black center bearings spin the 2nd best
Bones reds are next best, yellow 3nd best, are great once broken in.

New 5 ball ceramics spin really good!

Colors can also be mixed for each side of the fidget spinner.